Process Improvement and Workflow Efficiency

Have you or any of your staff ever wondered, "Why do we keep doing things this way?" Using tools such as process maps and cause-and-effect diagrams, we will help you identify and address areas of work that are slowing you down.

Advanced Access

We will help you assess and shape your demand, maximize capacity and implement efficiencies that will allow your patients to be seen at a time that is convenient for them by a provider of their choice. You will end up with a scheduling system that contains a measured blend of same-day and pre-scheduled appointments.

Clinical Quality Improvement

Physician practices need to track a myriad of clinical quality measures.  We can help you develop a clinical quality plan, design some scorecards to monitor your progress, and help you with identifying issues and devising plans for improvement.

Supervisory Training and Leadership Development

Did you recently promote a front-line staff person to a supervisory position? Are you considering promoting a good manager to an upper-level management position? We can help you assess your employee's skill level, compare it to what is needed in the new position, and create an individualized training plan.

General Clinical Operations Assessment

An assessment of operating costs, provider productivity, evaluation and management coding, and staffing levels will help you fine-tune your practice's efficiency.